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10″ Electric Backing Plate will suit:

Couplemate Australia
AL-KO / Dexter
✓ Vehicle Components / Cruisemaster

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Standard Electric Backing Plate | Incl. Park Lever

Electric drum brakes, like those employed in the automotive sector, are reliable and effective. 10″ Electric Backing Plates are built to handle wet and dry highway conditions, suitable for caravans and trailers alike. Equipped with a specially crafted single-slit magnet, these brakes are designed to withstand rugged and uneven terrains.

The backing plate assembly arrives fully equipped, streamlining the mounting process onto the bracket, offering convenience over the replacement of individual parts. Opting for high-quality brake parts is crucial for safety, as inferior backing plates can generate excessive heat, leading to overheated bearings and grease issues. Couplemate™ has been using these reliable backing plates for years, ensuring a safe choice for your trailer.

Key Features

  • Easy Installation: Simplify the installation process with our 10″ Electric Backing Plate.
  • Low Maintenance: Designed for minimal upkeep, providing a reliable solution with less hassle.
  • Pre-Assembled: Brake shoes, magnet, and park brake lever come pre-assembled, streamlining the setup process.
  • Fits 10″ and 12-inch Brake Drums: Specifically engineered to suit 10″ and 12-inch brake drums, making it a perfect fit for your caravan’s braking system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Style Do You Need?

Choosing between Australian-Style or Dexter-Style? Often referred to as “AL-KO” backing plates, Australian-style backing plates are the most common. However, some manufacturers opt for American systems, such as “Dexter-style” backing plates.

You can distinguish between them based on the park brake lever:

  • Horizontal Park Brake: Standard
  • Vertical Park Brake: Dexter USA

N.B. Ensure that your current backing plate / axle weld ring has four bolt holes. If you have 5 holes, you likely need a 12″ Electric Backing Plate instead.

Should You Replace the Whole Backing Plate?

We strongly advise opting for a complete backing plate replacement rather than solely replacing worn components for optimal performance and safety. This approach ensures that all elements of the backing plate are in optimal condition and minimizes the risk of overlooked parts nearing the end of their life.

Complete backing plate replacement is a straightforward procedure and provides peace of mind, especially when dealing with safety-critical components like electric backing plates. When considering maintenance or upgrades to your caravan braking system, prioritizing the replacement of the entire backing plate is a prudent choice, offering comprehensive assurance and prolonging the overall lifespan of the braking system.

What If You Don’t Have Electric Brakes?

If you don’t have electric brakes but would like to convert, you have a couple of options. Most people opt for one of our Conversion Kits, as they contain everything you need to convert your existing brake system. These are available in two options: Slimline or Parallel.

Alternatively, if you have 10″ Hydraulic Drum or 10″ Mechanical drum brakes, you may be able to switch out the backing plate and use your existing drum. Couplemate™ recommends checking the integrity and size of your drum before purchase.

Additional information

Weight6 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 10 cm
Backing Plate

Left Hand – Passengers Side, Right Hand – Drivers Side

Brake Size

10-inch, 12-inch

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