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10 inch Electric Brake Parts

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10-inch Electric Brake Parts

Electric Brake Parts to suit 10″ Electric backing plates.

Magnet Clip

Please look at the right-hand image. You will see the top of the magnet clip has a dob of green paint on it.

Once the oval clip is removed, the tension is lost, and install a new clip. However, if you exercise care the clip may be re-used.

electric backing plate

10 inch Electric Brake Standard Assembly incl Park. Click to purchase

Inspect magnets

When inspecting magnets, it is also wise to inspect the magnet arm. Quite often this arm exhibits the signs of wear and should be replaced.

If this is the case, we recommend replacing the whole backing plate.

In the case of the off-road magnet, no clip is used, an elastic band holds the magnet in place until the first braking event.

Electric Magnet Spring

Electric magnetic spring positions the magnet close to the drum surface ready to be energised for connection to the drum.

Trailer electric brakes are electromechanical.

  • The brake controller energises the electric brake magnet, so it engages with the inside surface of the drum.
  • Once the magnet touches the inside of the drum, the magnet turns with the drum depending on the strength of the magnetic field.
  • If the drum is not turning, the electric brakes will not work.

The more power in the magnet and the more rotation on the drum causes greater braking.

There are two factors that cause the brake shoes to engage

  • When Electric Magnet attaches itself to the face of the drum.
  • The force of a spinning drum engages the brake shoes which instigates braking.

Electric Brake Lever Arm

10-Inch Electric Magnet Lever arm to suit Left-hand or right-hand side magnets.

Magnet level arms become loose on their pivot due to wear and tear. If your magnet is showing signs of wear, then it is likely your magnet arm also needs replacing.

Magnets can be purchased here

Corrugated roads cause the magnet holder to wear. A worn magnet holder will cause damage to the magnet.

One solution to stop the magnet from wearing on the lever arm is to purchase Off-road magnets.

Electric Brake Adjustment Spring

10′ electric adjustment spring to suit 10″ Alko electric backing plates.

The adjustment spring is located on the bottom of the electric backing plate and secures the bottom of the brake shoes.

This spring is not suited to dexter electric backing plates.

Electric Park Brake Spring

10 inch electric backing plate - rear

Rear 10″ Backing Plate – 90mm Stud Measurements

10-inch electric park brake spring places tension on the park-brake and returns it to its normal position after usage.

The image on the right is the back of the electric backing plate.

Always ensure the park spring always faces the top of the wheel.

How to install the parts spring

  • Insert the spring into the backing plate.
  • Use pliers to stretch the spring over the arm.
  • Once inserted it will rest in its normal position.

The park brake spring is not only essential for parking but ensuring the brakes are tensioned during normal operation.

Please disengage park brake before your journey. Electric brake FAQ.

Electric Shoe Retractor Spring

10-inch electric shoe retractor spring places tension across brake shoes and return them to the normal position after braking.

The shoe retractor spring connects the brake shoes at 10 o’clock and 2 pm position.

This spring is the principle reason the shoes return to their normal unbraked position.

Remove the spring when replacing the brake shoes due to wear.

After reinserting shoes and spring, release the adjuster to the closed position.

Furthermore, the brake shoes can be adjusted after re-installing the drum.

Finally, the clip holding the cable for the electric magnet should never be opened s it is spring steel. Pull the cable through this clip.

Brake Adjuster

The electric brake adjust is required when replacing brake shoes or adjusting brake shoes.

Correct brake adjustment occurs when the brake shoes just touch the drums. You must be able to spin the wheel, one turn.

Brake Shoe Springs

Brake shoe springs retain the brake shoes into the correct braking position.

Click here for the Caravan Brake FAQ article.

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10" Electric Brake Parts

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