24v Electric Brake Magnet

24v Electric Brake Magnet

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24v Electric Brake Magnet

24v Electric brake magnet for 24vdc braking systems has arrived. Recommended replacement 12v magnets in cases where low voltages exist.

The innovation of the 24vdc electric brake magnet overcomes problems with 12vdc tandem electric braking system worldwide.

Suitable for 10" and 12" tandem braking systems.


  1. Test the braking power wire on the car side of your trailer plug. It should be 12v or more.
  2. If 12v or less, run the car so the alternator is feeding the electrical system and replicate actual driving conditions. This will boost voltage supply.
  3. Test the voltage at the 1st and last magnet in the trailer wiring loom.
  4. This test must be completed not using the breakaway kit because you must include voltage losses from the car battery and not the breakaway kit.
  5. In some cases, we have tested less than 4 volts at the last magnet. We would, therefore, recommend replacing the magnets with Couplemate 24v magnets and installing a 12v to 24v converter.

What is the practical purpose of 24vdc?

The majority of Trucks have 24vdc electrical systems. Trucks towing trailers use a 24vcd to 12vcd brake controller to activate the trailer brakes. The brake controller contactor is activated by a signal from the truck brake lamps.

The same voltage drop problem exists on the trailer however, trucks have better braking systems so in most cases the operator can not feel his bad trailer brakes.

When trucks are overloaded, operators report trailers are not stopping.

How do I get full power from my Caravan or Trailer Electric Brakes?

The braking solution for towing a caravan or trailer is relatively simple.

  • Change the 12v magnets to 24v magnets on the electric backing plates.
  • Install a 12v to 24v converter after the breakaway kit.
  • Connect the 24v converter to the new 24v brake magnets

Where do I install this converter?

To convert 12vdc to power 24v magnets, install this converter after the breakaway switch and before the first electric brake.

How to check magnet wear

  • Check the four small holes on top of the magnet.
  • These holes are warning indicators that display magnet wear.
  • If there are no holes or less than 4 holes.
  • Then the face of the magnet hole has worn then it is time to replace the magnet.

Key Features

  • Wear holes are at 3 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm and 12.
  • Magnets draw approximately 1.6 amps each @ 24v
  • Wires can be connected either positive or negative.

Once worn, copper begins to become exposed, subsequently, an open electric circuit will render the brakes inoperable.


  • New magnets need to be bedded into position before 100% of braking is achieved.
  • The magnet face is a shiny finish.
  • This finish needs to be scuffed up during the initial stages of breaking before your magnets become 100% effective.
  • Caution, do not install new magnets on brake drums that have been damaged by the old magnets.

Safety Chain Checks

Important safety check or tandem wheel caravans. With the chains attached to your vehicle, push your caravan back to the extremity of the chains.

If not, read this important article on adjusting safety chain lanyards

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