Parallel Electric Trailer Brake Conversion Kit


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Parallel Electric Trailer Brake Conversion Kit

The parallel electric brake conversion kit converts an unbraked trailer into an electric braked trailer or camper using the existing axle.

We have designed this brake conversion kit to be the best money can buy. Quality backing plates and bearings coupled with Australian Made drums.

When looking for electric brakes, it is important to consider quality when investing in your caravan or trailer.

Review: I received my 4 x Ford Brake drums today for my sort of new purchase of Louis caravan; being in engineering and worked in foundries, boilermaker, and structural engineering, all my life, my father was a fitter and Turner, so I have a fair grasp and understanding of casting and machining, I love your product, Aussie quality, and also a surprising delivery time was a bonus, Thanks to your company and pass on my gratitude right down to the guy on the CNC and the guy knocking out the castings, Nice Work!!!! Kind Regards, Gregory Smith

What makes Couplemate Brake Drums Different?

Our engineers resolved a problem called porosity as a significant cause of braking inefficiencies.

Porosity is a series of holes in a casting that causes lower brake shoe adhesion.

In simple terms, a porous surface will have less braking resistance than a non-porous surface.

The best way to explain how to remove air from steel is to understand how air is expelled from concrete. Shaking or vibrating the tooling containing a drum casting effectively removes air bubbles, thereby significantly reducing porosity.

Further, during the machining process, our craftsmen are looking for signs of porosity. When found, drums are rejected, scraped and returned to the furnace. As a result, you can be assured that the drums you purchased have undergone rigorous testing and inspection processes.

View Electric and Marine Axle Profiles 

Conversion Kit Specifications

How do I select the correct weld ring?

Electric Backing Plate Weld RingFirstly, examine the bearing profile to determine whether a marine or electric turn weld ring is required for your axle.

  • An electric turn measures 128mm for slimline and 140mm for parallel bearings. Measure from the tip of the axle to the back shoulder.
  • A marine turn measures 115mm for slimline bearings from the tip of the axle to the back shoulder.

(From the image) Use the square hole weld ring for marine turn and the round hole for electric turn axles.

Select your weld ring from the drop-down menu. Note: Electric weld rings are not suitable for hydraulic brakes.

Activate the caravan or trailer brakes from a brake controller in the tow vehicle or some states on the trailer chassis.

In addition, standard highway magnets are installed in all our conversion kits. However, Al-ko makes a perfect off-road magnet as an optional extra. A wide selection of 10-inch drums is available, including five and 6-stud Landcruiser and Landrover.

Brake Kit Installation Method 1

When fitting your electric weld ring, ensure pressure against the rear shoulder and quickly tack the four corners. You are now ready to weld the weld ring into place.

Couplemate uses a tool to firmly secure the weld ring onto the axle shoulder before tack welding.

Brake Kit Installation Method 2

  • Bolt the weld ring to the backing plate
  • Slide the backing plate onto the axle
  • Install the drum onto the axle and tighten (no grease in the bearings at this stage)
  • Pull the backing plate into the drum and tighten the brake shoes to firmly engage the drum.
  • Tap the backing plate so it is Concentrix with the drum
  • Tighten the shoes against the drum firmly
  • Tack the backing plate on the four corners
  • Remove the drum
  • Finally, finish the weld and proceed to repeat at the other end of the axle.

Tips and Tricks for Troubleshooting Electric Brakes

How to correctly adjust your Electric Drum Braking System

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