TrailSafe Bluetooth Breakaway Switch

TrailSafe Bluetooth Breakaway Switch




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TrailSafe Bluetooth Breakaway Switch

Trailsafe Bluetooth breakaway switch connects to a monitor (trailcheck) on the vehicle's dashboard. (see description below)

Bluetooth constantly monitors the breakaway battery, sending data to the vehicle dashboard.

Bluetooth conductivity up to 20 meters. If you live in, NSW you will also require the trailer check monitor at the bottom of the page.

Australian made and Australian ownedTrailSafe Bluetooth Breakaway Key Features

  • Bluetooth and wired connectivity options for in-vehicle monitors.
  • Intelligent time-out to protect brakes.
  • Works off the house battery – no additional battery required!
  • LED status indicators for full-system safety check at trailer tongue.
  • Meets Australian regulations for breakaway systems on trailers over 2000kgs.
  • Meets NSW regulations when used with the TrailCheck Monitor with a suitable wired monitor.
  • Tests pull pin functionality as well as battery health.
  • Drives brake lights and electric brakes in the event of a breakaway.

I am towing a trailer safely and legally.

Australian Design Rule mandates that all trailers with a gross trailer mass over 2,000 kg should utilise a breakaway safety system on all wheels. The emergency braking system must also be capable of automatically activating should the trailer become detached from the tow vehicle. In such a situation the brakes must remain active for a minimum of 15 minutes.

TrailSafe Bluetooth Breakaway Switch is a highly effective breakaway safety system designed to activate the electric brakes of a trailer or a caravan in the event of a disconnection from the towing vehicle. TrailSafeBT takes convenience a step further by utilising the trailer’s house battery to power the brakes in a breakaway situation. This means maintaining a second battery in your camper throughout the year is no longer necessary.

TrailSafeBT also indicates the charge status of the house battery. It also checks the condition of the pull pin the and effective activation of the brakes. The activation is transmitted through a wire to a remote monitor and then by Bluetooth wireless to the optional TrailCheck.

If the towing vehicle separates from the trailer, a mechanical pull pin is removed from TrailSafe, thus detecting a disconnection. Upon disconnection, the brakes and brake lights are activated as long as the charge remains in the trailer battery or until the pin is replaced.

Power Supply Mode 12V
Compatible: all types of lead-acid batteries with a capacity greater than 50Ah; LiFePO4 batteries with a capacity of 100Ah or greater
Pull Pin Integrity – checks system wiring providing fault indication LED
LED function: with the pin removed or brakes applied:

  • GREEN when the battery is good
  • ORANGE when battery condition should be checked

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Dimensions15 × 10 × 5 cm


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