12-inch Dexter Style

Electric brake shoe suits 12-inch Dexter Brakes

Electric brake shoes include primary and secondary brake shoes for 10 inches Dexter backing plate.

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Difference between Al-ko and Dexter brake shoes

  • Al-ko brake shoes are slotted at the top of the shoes.
  • Dexter Brakes shoes have a hole at the top of the shoes.


  • The Alko park brake has horizontal slots for the shoes
  • Dexter shoes use a spring on the top to hold shoes together

One axle uses two pairs of 12-inch Dexter style shoes.

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  1. 10-inch Electric Brake Kit
  2. 12-inch Electric Brake Kit

Electric brakes will not work without a brake controller.

One shoe is shorter than the other.

  • The longer shoe is the primary brake shoe and faces the caravan’s rear.
  • The short shoe is called a secondary brake shoe and faces the front of the caravan.

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