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  • Recovery Tow Hook

    Recovery Tow Hook

    TH-007 $14.50
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  • replacement treg pin

    Replacement Pin and Clip for Treg Coupling

    CM056 $32.50
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  • Heavy Duty Towing Strap

    Towing Strap – 60mm x 9 mtr

    TS606H $62.00
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  • Pintle Hitch Coupling Trailer Lock

    Pintle Ring Coupling Trailer Lock

    CM060 $69.50
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  • do35 coupling bi-lock

    DO35 Coupling Lock

    DO35-LOCK $105.00
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Towing accessories ensure a safe and hassle-free journey for caravans and trailers.

Trailer hitch: This is the main component that allows you to attach a trailer to your vehicle. Many different types of trailer hitches are available, so it is important to choose one that is compatible with your vehicle and the weight of the trailer you will be towing.

Ball mount: This is the part of the trailer hitch to which the trailer ball attaches. The ball mount must be compatible with the size of your trailer ball.

Safety chains: Safety chains are a must-have for towing. They provide a backup connection between the trailer and the vehicle in case the primary connection fails.

Hitch pins and clips: These are used to secure the ball mount to the trailer hitch.

Trailer brake controller: This device automatically applies brakes to the trailer when the vehicle brakes, which helps prevent the trailer from swaying.

Tow bar: A tow bar is a type of trailer hitch mounted to the front of the vehicle. It is used to tow small trailers, such as boat trailers.

These are just a few of the many towing accessories available. The specific accessories you need will depend on the type of trailer you are towing, the weight of the trailer, and your driving conditions.