Bluetooth HubOdometer


What are the key benefits of a HubOdometer? 

Accurately know your distance travelled.
✓ Easily program this information via your phone app.
Designed for towing longevity and adaptability.

Designed and manufactured by Couplemate™.

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Bluetooth HubOdometer | Know Your Distance

The Couplemate™ Bluetooth HubOdometer helps you keep an accurate record of your trailer or caravan kilometers. Easily program this device through your phone – anytime, anywhere.

Couplemate™ HubOdometers are a preferred choice for Australian government and mining trailers, and are increasingly gaining popularity with caravanners and day-to-day work trailers. By installing a HubOdometer, you can ensure you have an accurate logbook for maintenance events.

Product Specifications

The Couplemate™ Bluetooth HubOdometer is a multi-piece device which allow you easily remove and check your bearings.

  • Housing Materials: Aluminium
  • Installation & Programming Time: 15/20 minutes
  • Battery Life: 4-7 Years

* Battery life highly depends on usage. Spare electrical components can be purchased here

How to Select the Correct Version

To choose the right HubOdometer, simply match-up your dust cap size.

Please also ensure that your wheel boss size is compatible.

  • Slimline Bearings: 73mm Boss
  • 2.0t Bearings: 95mm Boss

N.B. The Bluetooth Hubodometer is designed to measure the circumference of a new tyre. Worn and older tyres will vary a little to the actual distance covered.

HubOdometer App Setup

To program the device, you will need to download the phone app onto your Apple or Android device.

Please note that the phone app does not record mileage. Should the device need to be reprogrammed (due to a service or tyre change), it can be done through this app.

Once the application has been downloaded, you will need to:

  1. Select your preferred unit of measure.
  2. Input your desired vehicle distance.
  3. Input your tyre details.

For utmost accuracy, Couplemate™ recommends setting your tyre details via Revolutions (available below).

HubOdometer Installation Guide

The Bluetooth HubOdometer can be easily installed in 15 to 20 minutes and can be done alone.

Click here to read the full installation guide or follow the instructions below:

  1. Remove the existing dust cap from trailer hub.
  2. Remove the grub screw (M5 x 8mm) from the bottom housing of the HubOdometer with a 2.5mm allen key.
  3. Unscrew the adaptor flange from the HubOdometer housing.
  4. Clean the mounting surface on the trailer hub.
  5. Apply a medium-grade adhesive to the mounting surface of the Hubodometer.
  6. Align Hubodometer with the trailer hub.
  7. Place a soft piece of timber (or similar item) on the inside face of the adaptor flange, then tap the Hubodometer into position.
  8. Screw the top housing into the adaptor flange and fit the grub screw, ensuring it is tightened. Do not apply torque to this screw.

Did You Know?

New car tires are calibrated to match your car’s speedometer, each tire having a designated circumference.

Even a minimal 10mm reduction in tire tread can significantly diminish both speed and distance traveled. Nevertheless, the speed is primarily regulated by the rotations of your gearbox.

For instance, when travelling at 105kmph, the effective speed on worn tires might only around 100kmph. To ensure precision in determining your speed, we suggest relying on the GPS function on your mobile phone for a more accurate reading.

Australian Patent 2017904069 – Couplemate Trailer Parts

Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 8 cm
Select HubOdometer

LM/SL, Parallel, 2.0t Cruisemaster, 2.0t Dexter, 2.0t AL-KO, 3.0t AL-KO


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