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Bluetooth Hubodometer for Caravans, RVs, Horsefloats and Trailers

The Bluetooth Hubodometer is a precision tool to ensure an accurate logbook for trailer or caravan maintenance.

Once the application has been downloaded on your IOS or Android device, you will be able to program the device by simply inputting the circumference of the tyre and desired mileage.

The Bluetooth Hubodometer is a two-piece aluminium device that has moving parts to measure and record distance.

This two-piece device allows the Bluetooth Hubodometer to be easily removed to check bearings.

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Once installed for the first time, Hubodometer can be re-programmed should the tyres be changed or zeroed on the next service event.

The battery life is between 4 years and seven years. Sleep mode is engaged at zero motion.

Please check the hole size in the wheel. The outside diameter of the Bluetooth Hubodometer is 95mm for 2t bearing configurations and 73mm for Slimline.

bluetooth hubodometer

Selecting the correct Bluetooth Hubodometer is as simple as choosing the outer bearing number from the list below.

What Hubodometer fits your bearings?

Please Note: the Bluetooth Hubodometer is designed to measure the circumference of a new tyre. Worn and older tyres will vary a little to the actual distance covered.

Select your tyre size for configuration.

How to Program your Bluetooth Hubodometer

Program the Hubodometer revolutions per kilometre for the tyre size available from the above links.

The how to program the Hubodometer sheet is available for download and printing by clicking this link.

The app allows you to set and reset your Hubodometer. It does not record kilometres.


To install the Hubodometer to your caravan or trailer, follow the following fitment instructions:

1. Remove the existing dust cap from the trailer hub.
2. Remove the grub screw (M5 x 8mm) from the bottom housing of the hubodometer with a 2.5mm allen key.
3. Unscrew the adaptor flange from the Hubodometer housing.
4. Clean the mounting surface on the trailer hub.
5. Apply a medium grade Loctite® (or similar adhesive) to the mounting surface of the Hubodometer.
6. Align Hubodometer with the trailer hub.
7. Place a soft piece of timber or similar item on the inside face of the adaptor flange, then tap the Hubodometer into position with a light hammer or mallet.
8. Screw the top housing into the adaptor flange and fit the grub screw, ensuring it is tightened. Do not apply torque to this screw.

Note: It is essential Loctite is applied when Hubodometers are inserted into hubs to help prevent them from becoming dislodged during transit or stolen.

Some hub bosses can vary by as much as 0.2mm. This variation in some manufacturers hub sizes can cause a loose-fitting bearing buddy. We recommend a medium strength locking compound on all Bluetooth Hubodometers.

Log Book

A good start for your logbook caravan servicing would be:

  • 500 kilometres after taking delivery.
  • 5000-kilometres on the highway or 1000 kilometres off-road.

Bluetooth Hubodometer installed on caravans, and other rigs trigger a service level for manufacturers. Warranty issues are easier to understand when accurate kilometre reads are available.

The manufacturer’s checklist will incorporate some of the items below. However, this same list is a good start for the DIY brigade, with older rigs.


  1. Check Chassis for cracks.
  2. Complete Bearing check.
  3. Tyres wear check.
  4. Electric brakes and disc pads check.
  5. U-Bolt check.
  6. Shackle bolts, bushes and shackle plates check.
  7. Gas lines.
  8. Coupling tightness.
  9. Wheel nuts for tightness.

slimline ford hubodometerWhat is the difference between SL and 2T Hubodometers?

2t Hubodoemters use a 2 piece attachment as shown above and in the main image.

The slimline model in the right-hand side image has three components, including:

  • The main housing is 93mm in diameter. This means it will not fit through a standard wheel rim.
  • The last housing has a 73mm diameter that allows the wheel rim to be removed.
  • Releasing the bottom grub screw allows the 93mm housing to be removed thus allowing the rim to pass over the 73mm diameter inner housing.
  • The gap between the threads on the housing allows the grub screw to lock thus preventing thread damage.

Did You Know?

Car tyres are tuned to your car speedometer when new. Tyres have a specific circumference for each tyre.

Tyre wear as little as 10mm will drastically lower the actual speed, and the distance you have travelled, however, your gearbox rotations governs the speedo.

An example is, if you are driving at 105 kilometres per hour, your actual speed may be closer to 100 kilometres per hour on used tyres.

To confirm your actual speed, we recommend using the GPS in your mobile phone for a more accurate reading.

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Bluetooth Hubodometer

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