AL-KO® IQ7 Outback Electric Brake Actuator

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AL-KO IQ7 Outback Electric Brake Actuator

The Al-ko IQ7 Outback is the latest in power-assisted hydraulic trailer braking, designed especially for harsh dusty conditions.

iQ7 Outback is designed to significantly improve stopping performance and safety for trailers and caravans with hydraulic brakes. And iQ7 Outback includes in-built breakaway technology to brake your trailer if it becomes detached from the tow vehicle. No other parts are required.

Dust protection in extreme conditions

Only iQ7 Outback is explicitly designed to handle harsh, dusty outback conditions, providing the driver with the ability to service and replace filters without the need for special tools or skills. Coupled to AL-KO Hydraulic Disc brakes, the iQ7 Outback provides safe and reliable braking in the harshest Australian conditions.

Meet your legal requirements

Also, AL-KO iQ7 Outback enables you to meet the legal requirement that all trailers with a loaded weight exceeding two tonnes (2.5 tonnes in New Zealand) must incorporate independent brake application.

Only AL-KO iQ7 Outback stores compressed air within a pressure chamber, allowing immediate brake application the instant it is required. Other systems don’t come close.

When an emergency braking situation occurs, the typical downfall of some electro-hydraulic brake actuators is time-lag or delayed response time. Delay can occur in receiving a signal from the controller and the time taken for the air electric motor to pump enough fluid to activate the master cylinder.

AL-KO has addressed this by utilising a compressed air reservoir to provide instant activation of the hydraulic master cylinder. This remedy has resulted in an unparalleled response time.

The Al-ko IQ7 Outback Difference

AL-KO iQ7 Outback is equipped with the latest superior computer processor circuit technology for maximum reliability. AL-KO has also completed over 220,000 cycle tests on iQ7 Outback.

This level of testing simulates the equivalent of setting off on an average of 42 trips per year over ten years, without iQ7 Outback experiencing any problems. This re-enforces the quality and reliability of the technology. To complete the offer of complete peace of mind, AL-KO provides a market-leading 3-year warranty (When installed by an Authorised AL-KO iQ7 Outback Installer).

Key features

  • “Tool-free air filter servicing for the compressor and pneumatic breathers.
  • Mounted hydraulic actuator internally or externally.
  • Remote mount pneumatic breather with replaceable filter ensures the air being drawn into the pneumatic system is always clean.
  • Ideal for travelling on dusty outback roads.
  • Australian made with the National service network.
  • Heavy-duty air compressor with replaceable filter produces a quicker recharge of air, reducing run times and increased product life (required to be remotely mounted in a boot or similar).
  • Suits caravans and boat trailers fitted with hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Meets ADR breakaway requirements for trailers over 2000kg.
  • Available in both iQ7 Outback and iQ7 Outback XTREME models.

Replacement IQ7 Extreme Controller can be found here.

Al-ko IQ7 Outback Electric Brake Actuator Alko

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