Al-ko IQ7 Xtreme Controller Kit

Al-ko IQ7 Xtreme Controller Kit

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AL-KO Quality Trailer Parts

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Al-ko IQ7 Xtreme Controller Kit

The Al-ko iQ7 Xtreme Controller incorporates several unique features designed to maximise the performance of your power-assisted braking system.

Replacement EVO Modules are available for purchase here.

Auto Detect Feature

The iQ7 Xtreme incorporates an ‘Auto Detect’ function enabling it to identify which braking system has been connected.

The detect button alters its electronic signal automatically to achieve maximum brake performance.

The mouse LED is normally green and, as a result of braking, turns orange—the LED intensity increases as braking increases.


Turn the tow vehicle power supply off, then turned on again to enable trailer detection. Suppose changing between trailers utilising varying actuator types (i.e. AL-KO iQ7 XTREME to Electric).

Brake Pad

A pressure-sensitive pad measures the force applied in a braking situation and converted this force into a variable voltage signal.

Two types of footpads are available.

  • Manual
  • Automatic (wider pad)


Mount the AL-KO iQ7 XTREME controller mouse in the cab of the towing vehicle within easy reach of the driver.

The mouse serves several functions:

  • Panic Button:  The panic button provides an antisway function. Press the panic button should the trailer get into a sway. This button applies a light braking force to the trailer independent of the towing vehicle. The brakes engage lightly for 3 seconds only and assist in the straightening of the trailer. The tow vehicle & trailer stoplights are also activated.
  • Variable Gain Control: Enables the towing vehicle driver to set the amount of trailer braking from within the cab. Set the gain so the towing vehicle and trailer brake together.

The wearing of the trailers brakes, shoes,/pads results from premature braking.

Purchase Al-ko IQ7 Actuators and spare parts here

Finally, download the Al-ko Installation and Owner manual here.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 25 × 10 cm
Foot Pedal

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