Replacement Hydraulic Cylinder Cap


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Replacement Hydraulic Cylinder Cap

Replacement hydraulic cylinder cap to fit all Hydrastar models, 3/4″ and 7/8″ corrosion resistance master cylinders.

The main reason hydraulic cylinder caps fail is UV degradation from sunlight. In other words, UV radiation kills hydraulic caps.

There are three main types of trailer hydraulic caps that suit

  • Hydrastar 1200pis, 1600psi
  • 3/4″ Master Cylinders
  • 7/8″ Master Cylinders

Hydrastar Replacement Cap. Fits 1200 psi Hydrastar and 1600 psi Hydrastar models.

Replacement procedure

  • If you find the cap missing, it is wise to drain all of the hydraulic fluid from the reservoir and then refill it.
  • Once your reservoir is complete, you must drain the air out of your hydraulic system.
  • It pays to put a piece of clear tube over your flushing nipple and flush it into a clear, empty water bottle.

Not only is it essential to clear all contaminants from your high-pressure stainless steel brake lines, but it is also essential to view the brake fluid after it settles in the clear bottle.

What am I looking for?

You are looking for clear, uncontaminated fluid. If your fluid has been contaminated, it has come from your piston cylinders and indicates they urgently need cleaning.

Importantly, before you remove your caliper pistons, buy a set of piston seals because the contamination has come through your old seals.

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Replacement Hydraulic Cap

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