Caliper Hydraulic Brake Parts

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Caliper Hydraulic Brakes and Brake Parts

Al-ko and Trojan Hydraulic brake parts including pads, bleed nipples, stainless pads, stainless calipers and stainless pistons.

There are 2 main suppliers in the Australian marine brake field. Al-ko and Trojan produce a very good hydraulic caliper.

Customers regularly replace Phenolic pistons with stainless pistons.

Inactive pistons absorb fluid and expand, ever so slightly.

This expansion causes the caliper to become inoperative. On the other hand, stainless pistons have no capacity to absorb fluid, therefore, a longer life is expected.

Noteworthy, stainless calipers do not include stainless disc pads.

Finally, when purchasing Al-ko hydraulic calipers be sure to consider the fitment of stainless calipers.