Al-ko Truck Landing Leg – 4.5t

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Al-ko Truck Landing Leg - 4.5t Heavy Duty

Al-ko truck landing leg has a drop leg that extends to 585mm. The wind-down stroke of 585mm provides additional length from the double-sided handle.

The Al-ko 4.5t landing Leg is one of the most popular landing legs for heavy-duty trailers. The drop leg is a feature of this landing leg as it allows the leg to be adjusted vertically.

Static loads ranging from 1,300 to 4,500kg are available with the Al-ko range of Landing Legs.

Further, joining 2 legs with a bar allows loads to be lifted in tandem.


  1. Static load capacity to 4500Kg.
  2. Retractable length: 690mm.
  3. Extended length: 1275mm.
  4. 110mm Heavy Duty Square tube construction.
  5. 32.9kg Total Weight.
  6. Zinc Plated.
  7. Stroke 585mm.
  8. Drop 585mm.
  9. Foot Square dimensions 250mm.
  10. Double-sided handle with rubber grip included.

A significant feature of the AL-KO 4.5t Landing Leg is its flexibility. The customer can choose to include or exclude tube mounting kits.

The most popular of the 4.5t range is the drop leg version. Most noteworthy is the large footprint base plate measures 250mm square.

The Al-ko® 4.5t Landing Leg is the ideal choice when looking to safely and efficiently stabilise your trailer, camper, truck trailer, five wheeler caravan or agricultural machinery.

Additional information

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 90 × 30 × 30 cm


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