Landing Legs – Light Duty

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Landing Legs - Light Duty

Landing legs to suit light-duty fixed and loose handles make lifting your caravan or trailer a much simpler task, with their functional design and convenience of utility.

Al-ko® and Manutec® are trustworthy brands that make durable landing legs or jack stands.

Al-ko Specifications

  • Tube Profile - 57.5mm Round
  • Mount Fitted - Yes
  • Static Capacity 1,300 kg
  • Stroke Length - 400mm
  • Open length - 900mm
  • Closed Length - 550mm
  • Finish - Zinc Plated
  • Weight 6.7kg

Manutec Specifications

  • Weight- 8.6kg
  • No bracket
  • Curved plate
  • Outer tube is 60mm x 60mm x 4mm
  • Inner tube is 50mm x 50mm x 3mm
  • Lift 350mm
  • Closed Height 575mm
  • Dimensions- 58 x 20 x 10 cm
  • Static Max Load 1000kg

Additionally, the base has a curved plate for a sturdy grip. The jack has a static load capacity of 1000 kg. The zinc coating on the hardware helps prevent rusting. The jack has a height of 575 mm when closed, and can lift the caravan up to a height of 50 mm.

Couplemate offers a variety of Light, Medium & Heavy-Duty Jack Stands.

Finally, jacks are also used on heavy-duty trailers to disengage or jack the trailer coupling from the towbar. Another use for drop jacks is to provide stabilisation on all four corners of the trailer.

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