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Al-ko Power Mover Jockey Wheels

Al-ko Power Mover Jockey Wheels are handy when you are alone, and need to move your caravan or boat trailer around short distances, say a trailer park.

Couplemate distributes the Premium Alko Jockey Wheels.

This style of premium jockey wheel is suitable for most trailer/caravan applications. For soft ground surfaces we suggest a large diameter jockey wheel.

Why You Need Power Mover Jockey Wheels

One of the hardest parts of being a new caravan trailer owner is to learn how to hook up your trailer without damaging your vehicle or trailer in the process.

You might need a number of camping trips to get the hang of positioning your trailer and vehicle just right. If you still find this hard, you should get your hands on the right equipment. Jockey wheels, dropdown legs, and jack stand all help you position your trailer just right for easy hitching onto your towing vehicle.

Finally, geared Alko power mover jockey wheels actually help you move your trailer.