250mm Al-ko Jockey Wheels

250mm Al-ko Jockey Wheels



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250mm Alko Jockey Wheels

250mm ALKO jockey wheels are made by Australia's most trusted caravan parts manufacturer and supplier.

Caravaners and caravan manufacturers favour ALKO Jockey wheels. The high-class range of standard solid tyre jockey wheels is available with and without standard clamps.

This style of general-purpose wheel is suitable for most trailer/caravan applications. For soft ground surfaces, we suggest
a large-diameter jockey wheel.


250mm solid jockey wheel with solid tyre 250mm and Clamp

  • 250mm wheel diameter
  • Clamp mounting
  • 400kg Static Capacity
  • 635mm Closed Length
  • 885mm Open Length
  • 250mm stroke
  • 48mm tube OD
  • Weight 9kg

alko 4 hole swivel jockey wheel diagramSpecifications

250mm solid wheel with solid tyre 250mm and four-hole swivel zinc bracket.

This unique swivel bracket is designed to fit 48mm outer tubes, allowing you to adjust the height position and also enabling you to swivel the jockey wheel for travel. Registered Design covers this unique Design in Australia and New Zealand.

  • 250mm wheel diameter
  • Swivel Mount
  • 400kg static Capacity
  • 48mm Tube OD
  • Closed H1: 630mm
  • Open H2: 880mm
  • G1: 320mm
  • Open G2: 570mm
  • U1, U2, U3: 63mm, 113mm, 88m
  • W: 185mm
  • Weight 11kg

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