Jockey Wheel Parts

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  • replacement jockey wheel

    Jockey Wheel Replacement Wheels and Tyres

    $17.20$97.28 inc GST
  • replacement jockey wheel handle

    Replacement Jockey Wheel Handles

    $13.75$41.00 inc GST
  • Manoeuvring Handle

    Al-ko® Jockey Wheel Manoeuvring Handle

    $37.35 inc GST
  • jockey wheel clamps

    Jockey Wheel Clamp Kits

    $9.50$128.92 inc GST
  • Swivel Bracket

    Swivel Brackets

    $21.00$79.10 inc GST
  • Manutec long cast handle

    Jockey Wheel Roll Pin Handle HD

    $25.30 inc GST
  • jockey wheel clamp bolt

    Jockey Wheel Clamp Bolt

    $9.00$13.00 inc GST
  • 75mm ElectroGal U-Bolts

    75mm ElectroGal Jockey Wheel U Bolt

    $9.00$14.00 inc GST
  • 100mm Galvanised U Bolt

    100mm Galvanised U Bolts

    $9.50$20.00 inc GST
  • 125mm Zinc u-bolt

    125mm Square ElectroGal® U-Bolt

    $14.00 inc GST

Jockey Wheel Spare Replacements

Fixing or upgrading your jockey wheel or jack stand is a good start to trouble-free caravanning.

But sometimes, even the best 4-wheel drives and caravan trailers end up breaking down under these stressful conditions. And while you may have spares for parts like dropdown legs, and jack stands, you might end up damaging something you don’t have a spare for.

If your trailer jockey wheel accessories get damaged, it’ll be nearly impossible to hitch your trailer correctly. But don’t worry—at Couplemate, we’ve got your back.

Just call us and we’ll send you jockey wheel spares wherever you are.

If your trailer wheel has a red or black handle, we have the accessory for you. These spare replacements are made by AL-ko and Manutec. We do not carry spares for jockey wheels from other brands like Ark.