125mm Square ElectroGal® U-Bolt

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125mm Square ElectroGal® U-Bolts

125mm square ElectroGal® U-Bolt secure jockey wheels to your 5″ caravan chassis or boat trailer chassis.

How can you ensure high-quality u-bolts?

Bending steel can be accomplished either through using heat or through using manual force. Making a U-bolt out of a threaded-steel rod is a project that can be done through manual force by most people of average strength.

Steel wire is cut, threaded, bent and plated in the process of manufacture; as a result, they suffer hydrogen embrittlement. The solution to hydrogen embrittlement is baking the product in an oven for several hours then slowly bring the oven temperature down.

poor u-boltU-bolts are removed from the oven to cool over slowly to finally reach ambient temperature.

This process removes embrittlement stresses from steel and as a consequence, returns the metal to its standard load-carrying capacity.

U-bolts are checked, tested and rated to breaking capacity in a static test after plating or galvanising.

Further, soft u-bolts are easily be bent or broken by hand will fail stress tests if not processed correctly.

In our opinion, stretched and unchecked u-bolts constitute a significant cause of road accidents.

Should u-bolts be reused?

U-bolt reuse is a tough question that was posed to me not long ago and deserved a good answer for such a good question.

After a great deal of thought, the answer is no, u-bolts should be replaced and not reused more than once.

U-bolts have rolled threads as opposed to cut threads. Rolled threads are stretched during the initial tightening and then re-stretched when re-tensioned.

Here is a video about how to create a rolled thread.

As a result of the second re-tensioning, the u-bolt reached its final torqued position.

In conclusion, the logical answer is no. Re-inserting old u-bolts onto a new axle will lead to disaster.

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