Al-ko Jockey Wheel Manoeuvring Handle

Al-ko Jockey Wheel Manoeuvring Handle

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AL-KO Quality Trailer Parts

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Al-ko Jockey Wheel Manoeuvring Handle

Al-ko® Jockey Wheel Manoeuvring HandleAl-ko manoeuvring handle suits all 48mm OD jockey wheels.

The two-piece Al-ko jockey wheel handles grip screws together, clamping snugly to all 48mm diameter jockey wheels.

This handle is essentially a European design picking up popularity in Australia.

Couplemate recommends lowering the jockey wheel before re-positioning the caravan or camper. The higher position acts as a fulcrum and tends to bend the stem.

Lower manoeuvring handle positions are more successful; however, if your rig is set up with a stem stabiliser like the image above, the fulcrum effect is negated.

Personally, I would love to install a manoeuvring handle on my 60mm auto retract. Sadly, the stem OD is too large.

Ideal: the perfect complement to the jockey wheel

Uncoupled trailers are more comfortable to move using the Al-ko® handle. Furthermore, this handle also prevents loss of the jockey wheel when towing in case of a loose locking bar.

The maneuvering handle fits all Manutec, Ark and Alko® jockey wheels with an outer tube diameter of 48 mm. Measure the width of your jockey wheel before ordering.


  • It prevents the jockey wheel from slipping while driving and secures against loss
  • Simple fitting on the outer tube of the jockey wheel with four screws

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