Heavy Duty Jockey Wheels

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  • Ark® Extreme Offroad Series (XO) Jockey Wheel

    ARK XO 750 Off-Road Extreme Jockey Wheel

    $355.00 inc GST

Heavy Duty Jockey Wheels

Heavy-duty jockey wheels are great on larger caravans and trailers. Swing these up into the vertical position for use and into the horizontal position when travelling.

If you own a trailer in Australia, the chances are that you’ve taken it out and camped in the outback already. Many Australians own 4-wheel drives and caravan trailers to escape to the seductive solitude of the inner flatlands. Some families have even made it a tradition, where they regularly leave behind their busy schedules to spend time in the unadulterated lap of nature known as the outback.

The Need For Spares In The Outback

When it comes to hitching your trailer, you need a lot of practice and the right equipment to ensure that you don’t waste your time and damage your caravan trailer or vehicle. Accessories like jockey wheels, dropdown legs, and jack stands are standard items every trailer owner needs.

These help you hitch your trailer conveniently, making sure you’re not held up anywhere just because it took you forever to hook up your trailer.

When you’re driving in the isolated expanse of the outback, you’ll rarely ever come in contact with other human beings. And if any of your trailer parts break down over here, you’ll be in a very sticky situation. It’s not unusual for vehicles and camper trailers to break down under the tough Aussie terrain. So what do you do if you end up in such a situation?

Caravan And Trailer Spares At Couplemate

The answer is simple. Just call Couplemate. We’ll deliver spare swing up jockey wheels and other such spare caravan trailer parts to wherever you are. And if a particular part isn’t in stock, we’ll find a way to deliver it to you within 48 hours.

Some Expert Tips On SwingUp Jockey Wheels

Wind your jockey wheel down when moving your caravan. Movement in the highest position puts a lot of strain on the pivot point of your swing up mechanism.

The most common problem customers tell us about are undersized jockey wheels.

Usually, they have a 150mm rubber jockey wheel moving a 1-tonne boat trailer or a medium-size caravan. We always recommend a 10-inch solid if they park primarily on concrete. SwingUp Jockey Wheels are the most popular choice, with the heavy-duty type being the best choice.

Unless you push your caravan with the jockey wheel in the fully extended position, heavy-duty wheels don’t usually let you down. We recommend winding down jockey wheels once they are detached from your vehicle.