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LED Lights

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  • side marker light

    Red/Amber Side Marker Light

    CM793-6 $8.75
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  • number plate light

    Number Plate Light

    CM793-5 $9.75
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  • LED Trailer Side Marker in Red CM175

    LED Side Marker Lights

    ISL90 $18.95
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  • CM172 4 Round Rer LED

    ZEON LED Stop/Tail/Indicator

    CM172-1 $18.95
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  • 100mm x 100mm LED light

    100mm Trailer LED Stop Light

    CM793 $25.00
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  • led trailer

    150mm Trailer LED Stop Light

    CM793-NPL $25.00
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  • 100mm x 100mm LED light

    100mm LED Stop Light Incl Plate Light

    CM793-WNPL $27.00
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  • led trailer

    150mm LED Stop Light Incl Plate Lamp

    CM793-1-WNPL $27.00
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  • CM178-LED-Square-White-Flood-Light-2

    3″ LED Flood Worklight

    CM178 $79.95
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  • 14" Ultra Slimline LED Lightbar

    14″ Ultra Slimline LED Lightbar

    CM179 $145.00
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  • CM172-ZEON-Combination-Marker-2

    LED Rear Combination Light and Reflector

    CM171 $159.00
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  • Stop/Tail/Indicator – Two Pack

    CM170 $173.04
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LED Lights for Trailers, Caravans and Campers
Upgrade your trailer or caravan with high-quality LED lights and reflectors. Bright and clear LEDs increase road safety for you, your family, and everyone else on Australian roads.
Are LED Trailer Lights Worth It?
LED lights are superior to traditional incandescent bulbs, as they have a longer lifespan, brighter illumination, and lower power consumption. LED trailer lights also reduce maintenance costs and improve your overall driving experience.

Likewise, Couplemate™️ stocks LED lamps that are also built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. This makes every product within our range a reliable choice for trailers, caravans and campers are often left outdoors.
How are LED Lights Different?
LED lights have many bulbs within a single light. Should an LED bulb expire, the lamp is still fully functional. Unlike incandescent bulbss, the lamp has expired and must be replaced.

Most LED lamps are submersible however, first, check this feature before buying.
Where Can These LEDs Be Used?
Trailer lamps have applications in many applications, they are

submersible trailer lights
led trailer lamps
truck trailer lamps
licence plate lamp
trailer lights kit

Bulbs fail due to old technology, it is that simple. Broken reflectors are also difficult to source. Many customers find it easier to replace the entire old lamp kit for one of these new LED kits.