7/16" Caliper Bolt

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7/16″ Caliper Bolt

7/16″ caliper bolt includes flat washer and a star washer. Couplemate applys a medium strength loctite to prevent the bolt loosening,

Disc caliper parts fit Al-ko and Trojan disc calipers are generally interchangeable.

Minor variations in the disc pads and spring for the later Al-ko models.

Mechanical calipers are galvanised and use 7/16″ UNG bolts to secure calipers into their axle mounts or anchor plates.

Correct maintenance and adjustment ensures long life for all disc caliper parts. Further, adherence to adjustment procedures ensure maximum braking efficiency for your boat trailer.

Couplemate sells only the Al-ko brand of mechanical caliper.

Finally, Al-ko provide a full range of spare trailer parts for purchasers to refurbish calipers.