9-inch Hydraulic Brake Shoes


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Suits AL-KO style 9″ hydraulic backing plates.
High-quality component that won’t wear prematurely.
✓ Quick and easy to install so you can get back on the road.

Supplied by Couplemate™️ Trailer Parts.

9 in stock

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Replacement 9-inch Hydraulic Brake Shoes

These replacement 9-inch Hydraulic Brake shoes will suit the AL-KO-style 9″ hydraulic backing plate.

Brake shoes are sold as a pair which contains the primary and secondary shoe. The primary shoe should be installed toward the front of the trailer and the secondary toward the rear. The secondary shoe is always the smaller of the two.

When doing brake maintenance on hydraulic backing plates, check the condition of your wheel cylinder. Replacement 9″ Hydraulic Wheel Cylinders are available here. As you install hydraulic backing plates, ensure this wheel cylinder is located at the top of the drum.

Product Specifications

  • SKU: 319013/14
  • Shoe Width: 45mm
  • Suits 9″ hydraulic backing plates.

Replacement 9″ Drums are available here.

How to Adjust 9″ Hydraulic Drum Brakes

Adjusting your drum brake shoes is a fairly simple but important task.

Generally, most mechanics will recommend adjusting your brake shoes after the first 500km travelled and every 5000km thereafter. An easy way of keeping track of this is through installing a Bluetooth Hub-Odometer.

To adjust your hydraulic drum brakes, follow the steps below:

  1. Apply the foot brake three times. If there is a handbrake fitted, ensure this is released.
  2. Check that the wheel and drum rotate freely. If it does not, check the default adjustment.
  3. Locate the two, large hexagonal-shaped bolts. These will be found on the back of the backing plate on the left and right side (3 o’clock and 9 o’clock).
  4. Turn one hexagon bolt clockwise until the wheel is very difficult to turn. You will need to use a ring spanner.
  5. Back off until wheel spins with only a slight drag in the lining. Repeat for the second shoe by adjusting the second hexagonal bolt.
  6. Apply the foot brake again three times. You will then need to repeat adjustment of the two hexagon bolts as you did previously.

Repeat this process for all wheels.

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Hydraulic Brake Shoes

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