9 inch Hydraulic Weld Ring

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9 inch Hydraulic Weld Ring

9 inch Hydraulic Weld Ring uses 4 x 7/16 inch bolts and nylocks.

The ID of this weld ring is 44.3mm. The shoulder it side on is 128mm from the tip of the axle.

If your shoulder is 115mm from the tip of the axle you will need a weld ring with a square hole,

Suits 9 inch Hydraulic Backing Plates

Take extra care welding your weld rings into position. 1mm out of position and your brakes will overheat.

Here is a tip, dry fit your brakes as follows before welding:

  1. Insert bearings into hub dry.
  2. Ensure your brake shoes are concentric around the backing plate.
  3. Bolt your hydraulic backing plate onto the 9 inch Hydraulic Weld Ring
  4. Insert the hydraulic backing plate loosely into position on the axle.
  5. Insert your drum onto the axle and tighten the axle nut.
  6. Push your hydraulic backing plate into the drum until you cannot see the face of the shoe surface.
  7. Lock the shoes onto the drum with the adjuster.
  8. Tack the 9 inch Hydraulic Weld Ring and the backing plate into position.
  9. Loosen of backing plate adjuster until you can spin the drum.
  10. If you are happy everything is spinning freely, remove the drum and finish welding the weld ring.
  11. Grease up the drum and reassemble when cool.
  12. Tip: If your drum is grabbing, tap the brake adjuster with a hammer without going overboard. This will shock your shoes into position.

Replacement hydraulic parts:

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