9 inch Mechanical Brake Shoes

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9 inch Mechanical Brake Shoes

9 inch mechanical brake shoes suit mechanical drum brakes and backing plates.

This pair of brake shoes fit on the left and right-hand side of the backing plate. One pair suits one drum. Suitable for all 9-inch mechanical drums except early model including Wesco.

Take care when inserting these brake shoes.

Installed the wrong way, these shoes will create a lot of heat and bearing wear.

A worn bearing casting causes roller wear resulting in carbon black in your grease. If your witness black grease, replace your bearings immediately.

If you have replaced your bearing with Japanese bearings and you still have hot brakes then look closely at your brake shoes.

Look at the image on the right of the page and the image of this product. See how different the backing plate would look if only one shoe were turned upside down? Yes, the bonded material on the shoe itself is not concentrically located on the shoe.

When installing mechanical backing plates, ensure the parking brake lever is located at the bottom or in the 6 o’clock position. (Note: this is the reverse for electric brakes.)

Occasionally, it is better to replace the whole backing plate as other components may be showing wear.

The job becomes easier by removing a few bolts then replacing the whole backing plate.

mechanical backing plate

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Furthermore, replacing the entire backing plates are relatively inexpensive and may fix problems not readily apparent.

How to replace a 9 inch Brake Shoe

  • Take off the wheel, remove the grease cap and split pin and take off the drum.
  • Remove the worn brake shoes.
  • Keep the springs in a container ready for re-insertion.
  • Check that there is grease on the backing plate under the lever assembly (at the bottom), use molybdenum grease as required.
  • Insert the new shoes to the backing plate with the springs between the shoes as shown in the image below.
  • The longer spring must be assembled in the lower position, the shorter spring in the top location. Note that left-hand side brakes are a mirror image to right-hand side brakes.
  • Finally, fit the drum over the brake shoes and reassemble. The assembly order is shown below.

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9 inch Mechanical Brake Shoes

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