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Online Lower Freight and Postage Costs

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freight costsOnline Lower Freight and Postage Costs

Recently Couplemate brought online lower freight and postage costs to its customers. We know that every dollar we save you is a dollar that can be spent elsewhere.

These online lower freight and postage costs have now been passed onto you when you purchase from Couplemate.

Online shopping provides great prices however the offset is you pay online lower freight and postage costs. Stores such as eBay have a good product, but you could also be buying run out product that is not exactly perfect hence the lower price.

You also do not get to see the product before it is dispatched and you must reply on the Company good name when purchasing.

freightTransportation costs can be as high as 58% for companies like ourselves who have buyers who buy a single item or dual item sales. Other buyers like retail stores buy bulk items and they see great savings in much lower costs.

Example, a 3kg Bag to Townsville is $14.50. Whereas a 1 mtr crate to Townsville is $250 however, the crate to Townsville has 250 items or more so the cost per item is $1

Buying from the shop will not save you the freight because the freight turns into profit margin ($14.50) but you get to touch and feel the quality of the product.

Product Quality

Product quality is such an important decision when buying because it is YOUR money. If you do not think spending your money is an investment in products not breaking then read no further.

freightQuality products NO NOT BREAK.

Quality Products NO NOT BREAK and if they do break the manufacturer must replace.

This is what you pay for with a quality product sold by a reputable company.

So there is an inherent risk of lower quality when buying online as opposed to actually looking at quality in your local shop and paying the virtually same price.

Buy 5 drill bits for $5 or buy 1 drill bit for $5? Your call.

For me, I like to buy online from sellers. I have sellers that I have selected that provide value for money and Warranty to back it up.

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