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Trailer Parts

Trailer parts, caravan and horse-float axles, drop axles are all manufactured in our Brisbane workshops.

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  • Penrite Bearing Grease

    Penrite Power Sports Grease Tube (100g)

    $14.95 inc GST
  • rosmart bluetooth sensor

    ProSmart Bluetooth Battery Management Monitor

    $395.00 inc GST
  • Battery Management solar lithium

    BatteryPlus35 II Management System

    $680.00$965.00 inc GST
  • J35A Battery Management System BMPRO

    J35 Battery Management System

    $750.00$1,050.00 inc GST
  • GENIUS 15-35

    Genius 15-35 RV Power Supply

    $545.00 inc GST
  • Genius 30-35

    Genius 30-35 RV Power Supply

    $585.00 inc GST
  • JHub RV Control Panel

    JHub RV Control Panel

    $750.00 inc GST
  • Trek RV Battery Monitor

    Trek3 RV Battery Monitor LED

    $595.00 inc GST
  • Drifter Battery Monitoring System

    Drifter Battery Monitoring System

    $599.00 inc GST
  • Grease Nipple

    Grease Nipple for Springs – Couplings

    $3.50 inc GST
  • Jcontrol Battery Monitor BMPRO

    JControl Digital Caravan Battery Monitor

    $595.00 inc GST
  • Odyssey Battery Management System BMPRO

    Odyssey Battery Management System

    $750.00 inc GST