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  • Standard Holden Japanese high quality Trailer Wheel Bearing Kit

    Holden Bearing Kit – Seal: 491015

    CM489 $17.50
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  • Composite Marine Bearing Kit

    CM485M $24.50
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  • Composite Japanese Bearing Kit

    Composite Bearing Kit – Seal: 491015

    CM485 $24.60
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  • Standard Holden Japanese high quality Marine Wheel Bearing Kit

    Holden Marine Bearing Kit

    CM489M $26.77
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  • slimline ford bearings

    Ford Slimline Bearing Kit – Seal 492015

    CM487 $27.50
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  • PT1129 2t Trojan Bearing Kit

    2t Trojan Bearing Set – PT1129

    PT1129 $28.60
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  • Ford Parallel Bearing Kits

    Parallel Bearing Kit – Seal 492015

    CM491 $29.75
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  • Ford Slimline marine bearing Kit

    Ford Marine Bearing Kit – Seal: 491018

    CM487M $29.75
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  • Ford Parallel marine - Slimline Bearing Kit - Japanese for Caravans Boat Trailers

    Parallel Marine Bearing Kit – Seal: 491018

    CM491M $31.75
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  • Cruisemaster 2t Bearing VC Kit

    Cruisemaster VC Bearing Kit – Seal: GS-2250DL

    CM493-VC $45.00
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  • 2t marine bearing kit

    1.6t Dexter Marine Bearing Kit

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  • 1.6t dexter

    1.6t Dexter Bearing Kit

    Options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page In stock

High-Quality Wheel Bearing Kits
Japanese bearings are the preferred choice for safety and reliability. If you’re planning a long road trip in your caravan, then it’s important that all components are in top shape. In particular, one thing you should not overlook is the bearings.

Spare wheel bearing kits are crucial for ensuring smooth and safe travels on the road.

What makes these bearing kits high-quality?
You will find bearings made in Japan, Germany, or America are in most road vehicles, and Couplemate™️ believes these bearings should also be found in all caravans, campers, and trailers.

Couplemate™️ bearing kits only use genuine NSK or Koyo branded components because they guarantee reliability. Moreover, each kit is supplied with “tried-and-true” caps and seals to ensure compatibility.

Bearings can be dropped or gather dust easily which is why we supply them in their original packaging.
What does the wheel bearing kit include?
Kits replace everything in one caravan hub, disc, or drum. Each kit includes four components, which are:

2 x NSK Japanese Wheel Bearings
1 x Grease Seal
1 x Dust Cap

Who needs wheel bearing kits?
These kits come in handy for servicing and emergency roadside repairs.

When driving in Australia, you need the best caravan trailer parts and 4WD components. If you’re towing in the outback, you have to be prepared as making your way through this region is no joke.
How do I get bearings kits delivered fast?
Couplemate™️ keeps ample stock so we can ship parts same day. If you need replacement bearing kits in a hurry, we recommend choosing the Premium airbag shipping option at checkout.

No matter where you are in Australia, we can help!