100A BatteryCheck

100A BatteryCheck measures battery diagnostics up to 100A.

Bluetooth connects the smartphone to the Battery telemetry.

Battery check connects to the negative terminal via 8mm stainless bolts. The main negative lead connects to the spare battery check terminal.

Bluetooth battery telemetry helps caravanners prepare their energy requirements.

BatteryCheck100 is compatible with a range of standard 12V deep cycle batteries. It provides real-time battery management data that allows users to effectively monitor remaining battery energy via a simple to use app.

The Monitored Battery Telemetry is

  • Voltage and Temperature
  • Charge/Discharge Current
  • State of Charge (SoC)
  • State of Health (SoH)
  • Estimated Discharge Time Remaining

This device is adequate for battery capacity totalling 100 amps.

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