4WD Recovery Equipment

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Snatch Hooks and Recovery Equipment

Recovery equipment in your 4WD is essential if it’s a safe, free adventure you are after.

Getting stuck out here is not a lot of fun. The road can quickly turn to a boggy nightmare.

If you have zero recovery gear, Murphy will surely make it tougher.

Minimum requirements are

  • Tow hooks on all corners
  • A good piece of rope or snatch strap.

From there you can detach your spare wheel and bury it in the ground as an anchor.

Thank you, Mike and Mal Leyland for that big of information from the 70’s. Aussie Legends.

Where is Mike Leyland these days? You will find him here.

Back to 4wd recovery.

Tie your big chunk of rope around the spare wheel buried in the ground and tie the other end to your vehicle. Make sure it is detached from your trailer before your start.

Now wrap the rope or snatch around a branch and tie another branch at right angles like a turnstile.

Rotate the turnstile and the rope should twist around the branch and shorten.

Regularly chock the rear wheel in case the turn-stile has a spinout 🙂