Safety Chain Holder to 3.5t

Safety Chain Holder to 3.5t

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Safety chain holder is used on trailers up to 3.5t.

Safety chain must be welded on its entire length, top and bottom or at least 110mm.

How to select the correct size dee shackles can be found on this link.

The safety chain is required to be attached to the trailer via a hammerlock or have a chain link welded on the horizontal on the chassis rail. A short link galvanised safety chain connects a hammerlock to this versatile safety chain holder.


One chain is required on trailers up to 2.5t and two chain holders are required for trailers up to 3.5t.

Galvanised safety chain is stamped with its rating every 4 links.

The most comprehensive legislation regarding the safety chain can be found here.

Further, check your breakaway lanyard when hooking up your safety chains.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 5 cm
Safety Chain Galvanised



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