Breakaway Switch

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Breakaway Switch

The breakaway switch is an integral component that activates a breakaway kit.

Should the tow vehicle and trailer separate accidentally, the breakaway kit engages the electric brakes at full power for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Rubber Boot Cover

It is essential to check the brakes to see if the breakaway switch is causing the trailer to brake during heavy rain events.

Rubber boot covers for breakaway switch to help keep water out of the switch contacts.

In heavy rain, water often enters the switch and creates a short circuit within the switch, causing the brakes to engage.

Pilling the plug in the switch will not release the contacts. If the switch will not deactivate, the best solution is to remove it, dry the contacts, and reinstall it.

Breakaway Replacement Parts


Remove the pin and shake the switch. This may remove the problem.

Reinsert the pin and listen for the magnet to engage. If the agent does not engage the brakes with the oin inserted, you have cleared the problem and can continue your journey.

Caravan and Trailer onboard Battery Kit

It is essential to note that an independent, designated, or separate breakaway battery system is not required.

In other words, the caravan or camper’s onboard 12v battery is often used as the breakaway battery, provided it can apply 12vdc to the electric brakes.

Further, the onboard caravan battery will be larger than the minimum requirement and have the same or larger capacity than the smaller unit.

The breakaway switch activates the trailer brake system for 15 minutes in cases where the trailer was detached from the vehicle when travelling.

Additionally, a rubber boot that fits over the breakaway switch is included in the price. The rubber boot reduces or prevents water ingress.


Disconnect the trailer plug when testing the breakaway kit. Failure to do so may severely damage the vehicle’s Electric brake controller.

Replacement Switch Kit option Waterproof Rubber Cover

A breakaway switch does not prevent water ingress into your breakaway switch.

Water and dirt enter the switching mechanism, making it inoperable. As a result, replace the switch.

A boot cover dramatically assists in preventing water from entering the breakaway switch.

Shorten the breakaway switch lanyard for effective braking when your caravan is on its safety chains.

Finally, all trailers weighing over 2000kg require a breakaway system.

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