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  • breakaway switch boot cover

    Breakaway Switch Rubber Boot Cover

    CM701-4 $11.50
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  • Breakaway Switch

    Breakaway Switch

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  • 5Ah Breakaway Replacement Battery

    5Ah Breakaway Replacement Battery

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  • breakaway kit

    Breakaway and Brake Kit – CM702-V

    CM702-V $135.00
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Important of Trailer Brakeaway Kits

Breakaway kits are crucial safety devices required by law for caravans and trailers. These kits play a key role in the safety of both the vehicle towing the trailer and other road users.

A breakaway kit consists of a few key components:

  • Battery
  • Switch
  • Cable/lanyard

The battery is typically a rechargeable unit, and the switch is designed to activate when the trailer becomes detached from the towing vehicle. The cable or lanyard connects the switch to the towing vehicle.

What do Brakeaway Kits actually do?

If the trailer unexpectedly disconnects from the tow vehicle, the cable is pulled, activating the switch, which in turn powers the trailer’s brakes, bringing it to a controlled stop.

The purpose of a breakaway kit is to prevent a runaway trailer. In the event of a hitch failure or accidental disconnection, the breakaway kit ensures that the trailer will not continue to travel uncontrolled, causing accidents, property damage, or harm to others on the road.

Instead, the trailer’s brakes are applied, bringing it to a halt and reducing the risk of accidents.

Legal Trailer Brakeaway Kits Requirements

Compliance with breakaway kit regulations is essential for anyone towing a caravan or trailer exceeding 2,000 kilograms.

This legal requirement aims to safeguard public safety and reduce the potential hazards associated with large, heavy trailers becoming detached from their towing vehicles.

Shop Trailer Brakeaway Kits Online

Ttrailer breakaway kits are vital safety measures for larger trailers and caravans, ensuring that they come to a halt if disconnected from the towing vehicle, thus preventing accidents and property damage. Complying with the legal requirements for breakaway kits is essential to guarantee their effectiveness in emergency situations.