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Chain Connectors and Shackles

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  • D-Shackle Dee Shackle for 3000kg ATM 3.0t maximum trailer caravan drawbar with orange 9.5mm pin

    3.0t ATM Tow Bar D-Shackle (9.5mm)

    IM619 $2.80
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  • dee shackle correct size

    4.0t ATM Tow Bar D-Shackle (10mm)

    IM620 $4.48
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    6.0t ATM Off-Road Galvanised Bow Shackle

    IM632 $4.90
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  • 11mm D-Shackle for maximum 6.0t towing application

    6.0t ATM Tow Bar D-Shackle (11mm)

    IM621 $5.08
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  • Hammerlock | Galvanised Safety Chain

    2.0t WLL G80 Hammerlock (8mm)

    CM544-1 $11.50
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    3.2t WLL Large Galvanised Bow Shackle

    IM634 $12.00
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  • Hammerlock | Galvanised Safety Chain

    3.2t WLL G80 Hammerlock (10mm)

    CM546-1Y $12.95
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  • Hammerlock | Galvanised Safety Chain

    5.3t WLL G80 Hammerlock (13mm)

    CM551-1Y $23.25
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  • Shackle Hook

    2.0t Safety Chain Hook Set (6mm)

    103506 $37.50
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  • Shackle Hook

    4.0t Safety Chain Hook Set (8mm)

    103508 $47.40
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  • Shackle Hook

    6.0t Safety Chain Hook Set (10mm)

    103510 $67.82
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ADR Rated Shackles & Connectors | Trailers & Caravan Safety
Australia trailers and caravans require a chained connection to tow vehicle’s tow bar.

Couplemate™ is committed to manufacturing and selling connectors and shackles that are safe, secure, and ADR compliant.

Filter our range of high-quality shackles, connectors, and holders by important component properties like material grade and maximum ATM compatibility.
What Shackles Do Trailers & Caravans Require?
Couplemate™ engineers and experts often get asked, “what shackles do I need for my caravan?”

All trailers in Australia, including caravans and campers, must be connected to the tow vehicle through a rated chain. This is a mandatory safety standard set by the RVS to protect the driver, pedestrians, and other road users.

The trailer/caravan ATM determines the number of chain connections as well as the grade required. This therein determines how many shackles (or connectors) you need.
Shackle Requirements for Trailers under 2500kg ATM (2.5t)
All Australian trailers that do not exceed 2500kg ATM must have at least one safety chain connection that is compliant with AS4177.4 (Australian Standards).

This means that light trailers under 2.5t ATM need: one rated chain, one connector for the trailer drawbar, and then one connector for the tow bar. An example for a simple box trailer could be:

1 x 10mm Safety Chain (stamped every four links)
1 x Hammerlock (10mm Pin)
1 x D-Shackle (11mm Pin)

It’s important to note that the trailer drawbar (and vehicle tow bar) will need a holder for the connectors. For the trailer side, the Couplemate™ CM551-3 Safety Chain Holder is a popular choice for domestic and international manufacturers.
Shackle Requirements over 2500kg (2.5t) up to 3500kg ATM (3.5t)
All trailers, caravans, and campers with ATMs over 2500kg are required to have two safety chain connections that are AS4177.4 compliant. For example, if you have a 3.5t ATM caravan, you will have: two rated chains, two connectors for the trailer drawbar, and then two connectors for the tow bar.
Requirements for Chain Connections in ATMs over 3500kg ATM (3.5t)
AS4177.4 requires all trailers, caravans, and campers over 3500kg ATM to have steel chain components rated G80 (Grade 80) or higher.

Couplemate™ is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality G80 components that are fully tested to, and compliant with, Australian Standards and ADRs.