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  • white reflector

    White Front Trailer Reflector

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  • red reflector

    Rear Trailer Reflector (Red)

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    Side Trailer Reflectors (Amber)

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Safety Reflectors for Trailers, Caravans, and Campers

Reflectors are key for road safety as they enhance visibility on the road. Couplemate™️ keeps ample stock of three key reflectors seen on Australian caravans and trailers: red, white, and amber.

All trailer reflectors stocked uses 3M adhesive for easy installation and longevity. It is important that caravan and trailer owners keep an eye on their current reflectors, as reflectors are often the first element noted by vehicle inspectors.

Caravan and trailer owners should ensure reflectors are not obscured by equipment and are not faded. Faded reflectors, and reflectors that are blocked by spare wheels / jerry cans impede effectiveness thereby reducing road safety.

How many reflectors should be on my trailer?

Australian Design Rules (ADR) denote how many reflectors should be on your trailer, what colour, and where. Reflectors are outlined in multiple ADRs and VSBs. For example, ADR 13 and VSB 1 state that “front reflectors are required to be fitted between 250mm and 900mm height from the ground.”

There are normally two red reflectors on the rear and two white reflectors on the front. The passenger and driver side of the trailer normally have amber (orange) reflectors.

When should trailer reflectors be replaced?

The operating environment of trailers and caravans means that reflectors are susceptible to UB degradation. As such, reflectors should be replaced roughly every five years.

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