5/8 x 3.5-inch Greaseable Shackle Bolt

5/8 x 3.5-inch greaseable shackle bolts are necessary to fasten the 8mm x 45mm shackle springs to the centre rocker arms.

Steel on steel parts requires grease to help reduce wear and tear.

Use a nylock nut or standard nut with a spring washer.

Nylon or Polyurethane are self-lubricating spring insert bushes that do not require greaseable shackle bolts.

Installation of Shackle Bolts

Insert the bolt through the hanger bush and push until the thread appears on the other side of the hanger. Tap the bolt with the hammer if the bush is tight until the thread appears.

Tighten the nylock nut with a spanner. If a rattle gun tightens nylons, then the nylon thread will likely be heat-damaged.

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