Spacer Plate to suit Ratchet Hand Brakes

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Spacer Plate to suit Ratchet Hand Brakes

Spacer plate to suit all types of ratchet hand brake or park brake.

Install this spacer plate under the front of the coupling after installing the parking brake at the rear of the override coupling.

al-ko push button park brakePurchase ratchet handbrakes or park brakes here: Push Button Park Brake

  1. Install the ratchet park brake under the rear of the coupling using 2 x 1/2″ bolts.
  2. This causes the coupling to be tilted towards the front of the coupling.
  3. Then install the spacer under the front of the coupling to bring the coupling to a level plane.

Alternatively, locate the parking brake on a cross arm behind the coupling. However, we do recommend the best place to install braking equipment is ion the one area and that is under the coupling.

Information on Al-ko ratchet park brakes and spacer plates here

Handbrake Safety

  1. Keep hands and fingers clear of ratchet when operating the hand brake.
  2. Regularly inspect cables to ensure tension when the handbrake is in operation
  3. Ensure there is no slack in the hand brake cable. Wear and tear will cause the cable to stretch
  4. Use wheel chocks an additional safety mechanism
  5. Check all bolts and roll pins are correctly tightened and located
  6. Trailer safety chains should not be released until trailer hand brake is secured

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