Spare Wheel LM Hub Rescue Kit


Brand: Couplemate™Australian Made and Owned.

Made in Brisbane, Australia.


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Trailer Rescue Spare Wheel Rescue Kit

The Couplemate™ CM095-LM series is a Trailer Rescue Spare Wheel kit that is Galvanised to suit both caravans and boat trailers. All spare parts are galvanised, heavy-duty and suit chassis rails 50mm wide.Australian Made and Owned.

Product Specifications

Galvanised RHS Length: 400mm

Available Stud Patterns:

  • 5 x 107.95mm | HT Holden
  • 5 x 120.65mm | HQ Holden
  • 5 x 120mm | Commodore
  • 5 x 114.30 | Ford (Subaru, Mazda)

Install the spare wheel holder on the drawbar near the winch post. Grease the disc or hub assembly for emergency replacement in the case of a flat tyre or damaged hub or disc rotor.

Included in this Kit:

  • 2 x Galvanised U-bolts (incl. hardware)
  • 1 x 50mm x 50mm Galvanised RHS (vertical holder)
  • 1 x backing plate
  • 1 x 45mm Square Galvanised Axle Assembly
  • 1 x LM/Holden bearing kit

LM Holden Bearings Specifications

  • Inner ID 31.75mm, OD 59.10mm
  • Outer ID 19.05mm, OD 45.20mm
  • Seal ID 37.5mm, OD 59.10mm
  • Grease Cap 45.20mm

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Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions30 × 15 × 10 cm
Stud Pattern

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