Horse float Tailgate Ramp Spring

Horse float Tailgate Ramp Spring


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Loader Spring for Horse float Tailgates and Ramps

A tailgate, horse float, and ramp loader spring is a type of torsion spring used to assist in the opening and closing of tailgates, horse floats, and ramp loaders. It is typically made of high-quality steel and is designed to withstand heavy loads.

Horse float tailgate and ramp loader springs are available in various sizes to suit different weight capacities. The most common sizes range from 40kg to 100kg, but larger springs are also available for heavier applications.

When choosing a tailgate, horse float, or ramp loader spring, selecting the correct size for the weight of the tailgate, horse float, or ramp loader it will use is essential. Ensuring the spring is installed correctly for optimal performance and safety is also crucial.

Torsion Product Specifications

  • Small tail: 150mm from the centre of the coil
  • Long-tail: 700mm from the centre of the coil
  • Coil O.D.: 80mm
  • Coil I.D.: 55mm

The 14mm and 16mm springs are made in Regional Queensland, Australia.

How to Tell: Left or Right

The Tailgate Ramp Loader springs come in both left-hand and right-hand options.

To tell which spring you require, the smaller tail end should be pointed away, and whatever side the longer spring sits on is the side it's suitable for.

For example, if the short tail is pointed away from your body, and the long tail is on the right, you require a right tailgate ramp loader spring.

Selecting Tailgate Ramp Spring Size

Often, folks pick the most significant size to ensure the spring is heavy enough for the required lift. Once installed, with an oversized heavier spring, the horse float tailgate swings up so violently that it slams into the trailer with enough force to create damage.

It is critical to have an ideal weight when lifting and lowering tailgates.

Buying the correct ramp spring is simple if you follow a few easy steps. (You will need a scale.)

  1. Lower the ramp onto the scale (use a small piece of wood to not damage the scale). You now have the weight measurement of the ramp.
  2. Select a size of spring 10kg more substantial than the scale indication.
  3. Once installed, the load on your ramp will be 10kg at the point where it touches the ground.

Car trailers and low loaders use drop or overlay axles. This type of axle lowers the centre of gravity, lowering the trailer.

Tailgate, horse float, and ramp loader springs are essential safety features. By choosing and installing the correct spring, you can help to ensure the safety of yourself and others when using your tailgate, horse float, or ramp loader.

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