8 Leaf x 6t x 65mm Rocker Roller Springs


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8 Leaf x 6t Rocker Roller Springs – 18″ wheels suit Tandem Trailers

8 Leaf x 6t x 65mm Rocker Roller Springs 18-inch wheels. 8mm Springs are robust for the long haul, suitable for flat top and livestock trailers.

Important: These springs will be delivered on a pallet as they can weigh up to 120kg. If you do not have a forklift available, it is wise to have them delivered to a commercial address where they can be forked onto your trailer.

There is a small shipping charge because our sales team will contact you for your preferred method of delivery.

Tandem setups with 60mm wide springs provide a ride between Air suspension and standard rocker suspension.

The price is for two sides incl hanger kits (note: does not include U-bolt kits.)

65mm Rocker Roller Parts

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Here is a clever idea. You can use 6t springs and de-rate your trailer to 4.5t. A handy way to strengthen your rig if you are constantly travelling over outback roads.

Includes front and rear springs, centre rocker, centre rocker hanger, front and back hangers, bolts and nylocks.

Other Rocker Roller spring ratings for the full range are here:-

The length of a rocker roller spring can vary from 1mm to 5mm.

The best method to install is as follow:

  1. Weld the Center bracket into position and connect the centre rocker and attach springs to the centre rocker.
  2. Install front and back spring hanger brackets onto the springs.
  3. Stretch the front spring as far as it will go and tack it onto your chassis rail.
  4. Stretch the back spring as far as it will go and tack it onto your chassis rail.


Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions100 × 50 × 30 cm


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