60mm Standard Tandem Springs

60mm Standard Tandem Springs


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Standard Tandem Springs

Standard tandem spring replacements are one of the most popular caravan springs chosen by caravan manufacturers.

Jayco and other caravan manufacturers use this type of spring. The price is for one side only comprising two springs and a spring kit.

The shackle spring kit contains

  • Rocker arm x 1
  • Centre hanger x 1
  • Shackle plates
  • Front and rear hangers
  • plus all bolts and nylocks.

Caravan tandem springs are 60mm wide and one of the best investments into your suspension system you can make.

How so? 60mm springs twist less and more robust to withstand better shock loading events like potholes, railway lines, cattle grids, and corrugations.

If you consider 45mm wide springs and a cheaper suspension system, you will need to contemplate whether your trailer will be susceptible to some harsh conditions or run around town trailer.

OK, so right now, you have a grasp on spending a few extra dollars as a better investment for your family adventures.

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Replacement Spring Sizes and ratings

  • 5 Leaf – 2000kg
  • 6 Leaf – 3000kg
  • 7 Leaf – 3400kg

Caravans use this spring for its durability at high speed. This spring can withstand twisting tension impacted during shock load events like high-speed potholes.


Note: To prevent the shackle bolt from spinning, tack weld it to the hanger plate.

Tip: Springs fit 14″ wheels. If your wheel is 15″ or 16″, then turn one spring around. These springs have a spring offset of 50mm.

Tandem springs can be difficult to fit correctly. This article may help you with your setup or adjust your existing configuration.

Alko also has some excellent advice on springs.

Standard Tandem Spring Replacement

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 100 × 40 × 20 cm
Standard Tandem

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