Al-ko Outback Rebound Off-Road Spring

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Al-ko Outback Rebound Off-Road Camper Spring Kits

The Al-ko outback rebound off-road leaf springs are renowned for their durability in heavy off-road conditions. The first choice for Off-road camper trailers is Al-ko.

What is the difference between a genuine Al-ko rebound spring and an imported copy?

  1. Al-ko Rebound Maximum deflection is 60mm at full load. The copy spring can flatten at less than full capacity.
  2. Al-ko spring has actual rebound characteristics, whereas the copy rebound will flatten.
  3. The Al-ko off-road camper spring has a testing pedigree that its competitors unmatch to perform its specifications.
  4. We have never been disappointed by any Al-ko off-road rebound spring, neither will you.

This offer is for one spring and includes spring hangers and bolts

Included in this kit are brackets, greaseable shackle pins and shackle plates.



  • Eye to Eye Rebound Leaf Spring - 841mm long.
  • The weight in the description is for two springs.
  • 60mm x 7mm
  • Bush dimensions 5/8" x 7/8" x 60mm.
  • Free Camber 158mm
  • Eye to Center Bolt 420mm
  • Install spring rear hanger 35mm longer than the length of spring.
  • The second leaf in the Outback Spring series wraps around the eye to provide extra support during shock loading events.

Visit the Al-ko installation worksheet here.

Al-ko Outback Rebound leaf spring ratings per pair.

  • 5 Leaf Outback off-road spring - 1150kg
  • 6 Leaf Outback off-road spring- 1350kg
  • 7 Leaf Outback off-road spring- 1500kg
  • 8 Leaf Outback off-road spring- 1750kg
  • 9 Leaf Outback off-road spring- 2000kg
  • Ten leaves Outback off-road spring- 2500kg

Spring eye has inserted a steel bush to ensure long-wearing in harsh terrains. This steel bush does require periodical greasing.

Tip: Tighten shackle bolts until hangers are tight against the spring. Then back off the nut 1/2 turn so that there is 0.5mm between the hanger spring on each side.

Parts for the Al-ko® outback rebound camper spring are at these links below,

Couplemate recommends pre-greasing shackle bolts before insertion into spring bushes.

Al-ko Outback Rebound

Al-ko Outback Rebound Off-Road

Alko Outback Rebound Off-Road Springs have a rebound spring on top, with the second leaf wrapping around the eye of this spring.

If you like the great outdoors and camping adventures, you’ll love the Australian outback — especially those who want to explore uncharted territories and indulging in some off-road action. Because of its appealing red-orange dirt trails and rugged terrain, the Outback makes for an exciting drive.

Why You Need Spares Like The Off-Road Outback Springs From Al-ko

Due to the rough terrain, some of the best 4-wheel drives and camper trailers end up getting damaged or breaking down. It’s tough to come across other people who might be able to help you out in the middle of the outback.

Your suspension, shock absorbers, and springs undergo a lot of strain when you go off-roading. If your camping trailer parts break down, don’t worry; call Couplemate.0

Expert Tip On Your Suspension Springs

You’ll find a small ‘rebound’ spring at either end of the spring. The quality of a rebound spring is the curve in the top spring. If it is flat, you should buy another spring.

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Outback Springs

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