60mm Outback Greaseable Shackle Kit


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121 in stock

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60mm Outback Spring Bush

Brand: CouplemateAustralian Made and Owned.

High-tensile steel for increased durability.

M16 Greaseable Shackle Bolt

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60mm Outback Greaseable Shackle Kit suit Al-ko Off-Road Springs

60mm Outback greaseable shackle kit is suitable for all 60mm Outback, Off-road and standard tandem caravan spring suspensions.

Nylon bushes feature self-lubrication; however, this bush type is highly wearable when used in off-road installations. Steel, the high-tensile bushing, is used in outback spring installations.

Shackle bolts and plates are plated via an ElectroGal process to add anti-corrosive properties. Spot welded shackle bolts help prevent the bolt from spinning in the shackle plate.

If the knurl connection between the bolt and plate is broken, replace the entire kit.

Outback Kit Specifications

  1. 16mm Greasable Bolts
  2. 32mm Wide Shackle Plates
  3. 63mm hole Centers

Purchase replacement 60mm Off-Road Steel Spring Bush here

Shackle bolt spin causes premature wear and failure.

Use greaseable bolts when inserting them into a steel bush. The movement of steel on steel causes excessive wear. As a result, grease the shackle bolts.

Spring hangers should be 35mm longer than the length of the off-road spring for best operation. In other words, add 35mm to the spring length of 841mm.

If the distance between your front and rear hanger is less than 875, your springs will not work effectively.

For example, when looking at your shackle plate, it should be pointing towards 7 o’clock. If this distance is greater, measure your shackle hangers.

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