60mm Caravan Tandem Shackle Kit


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60mm Caravan Tandem Shackle Kit suits all Caravan shackle springs

60mm standard tandem shackle kit is suitable for all Al-ko standard tandem spring kits. Inspect shackle hangers and pins for wear. Replace worn shackle pins or shackle plates if worn.

The gold-coloured plating is called SA5 ElectroGal. This coating has a higher resistance to salt water and other corrosive environments.

The hackle kit contains

  • 2 x 16mm high tensile shackle bolts
  • 2 x 32mm shackle plates.
  • Note: bolt heads are welded into the shackle plate to prevent the knurl from turning in the plate.

Standard tandem caravan springs use 16mm Bolts – 32mm Wide Shackle Plates at 63mm hole Centers.

Prevent bolt wear by welding the bolt head to the shackle plate. Welding prevents the bolt from spinning.

Bolt spinning causes premature wear and failure.

The correct position for front and back hangers varies according to spring length. The length for 700mm springs is 835mm from the middle rocker arm to the front and back hanger centres.

Shackle bolts in a standard tandem suspension kit are non-greaseable due to the self-lubricating spring bushing.

How to tighten shackle bolts

  1. Tighten the shackle bolt until home.
  2. Back off 1/4 turn.
  3. You need a small space between your shackle plates and spring; otherwise, you will develop an annoying squeak.
  4. This squeak is due to no tolerance between shackle plates and spring.

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