Rocker Roller 60mm Steel Bush

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Rocker Roller 60mm Steel Bush suits Rocker Roller springs

Rocker roller 60mm steel bush is an essential replacement where the usage has worn the ID or the OD has reduced in size enabling the spring to jump on the roller.

The bush must be 59mm wide with an ID of 16mm. (known as a 60mm bush).

60mm rocker roller spring made by Al-ko and other manufacturers all use a 60mm bush.

We no longer sell plastic rocker roller bushes due to load failure in many cases. Use this bush to replace plastic 60mm roller bushes.

Rocker roller bush is Australian made and Australian ownedThe metal bush carries loads up to 1125kg for 4.5t suspension systems.


  1. ID: 16mm
  2. OD: 35mm
  3. Length: 59mm

When installed correctly this 60mm bush must roll freely between the front and back of the rocker spring eyelet.

Some installers like to install hangers on a piece of angle iron (see photo below).

rocker roller bush

How to install rocker roller springs

  1. Layout a piece of angle iron
  2. Tack weld the centre bracket into position.
  3. Bolt the rocker roller complete set into the centre bracket.
  4. Stretch the front spring as far as possible and clamp, then tack weld.
  5. Repeat for the rear spring.

Note: There is a problem if your rocker roller spring looks different from the above image.

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 cm


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