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Shackle Plates for your Caravan are ElectroGal and Galvanised

Shackle Plates connect the caravan or trailer spring to a dumb jack welded onto your chassis rail. Plates can vary in width from 32mm to 40mm.

This humble plate handles loads up to 3200kg when used on a tandem trailer.

Question: Why do my trailer shackle plates bend towards the back of the trailer?

Answer: Spring hangers installed incorrectly cause shackle plates to overstretch into a horizontal position. Ideally, locate shackle plates at a 5 o'clock position when looking at the left-hand spring.

Question: What is ElectroGal?

Answer: Electrogal is a premium coating. Raw metal parts are dipped in an acidic coating and then electro-coated in nickel to provide an undercoat. The final process is patented secret; however, testing has concurred that ElectroGal is superior to a galvanised finish.

Where do my hangers go?

Ideally, weld the dumb jack into position at a distance 25mm longer than your spring. This distance allowed the correct operation of your caravan or trailer spring.

25mm is the minimum distance for 45mm wide springs.

35mm is the minimum distance for 60mm wide springs.

Spring hangers welded into position the same eye to eye measurement as the spring will cause problems immediately. This practice is more common than most owners realise.

The remedy is simple, measure your spring length from the middle of the eye to the centre of the eye. Add a minimum of 25mm, and that should be your spring hanger centres.

Installing longer shackle plates does not fix any problems.

Are you Confused? It gets worse. Shackle, please come in various centres from 63mm to 90mm. There are also different hole sizes from 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch.

Why all the variations?

You have been kind enough to read this far, so that I will tell you the standard. Use a 75mm centre shackle plate with 9/16 inch holes for 45mm springs and 5/8 inch holes for 60mm springs. You only need 75mm centres on your shackle plate.

I would stick to 63mm centres for 60mm springs and 75mm centres for 60mm springs.

Read about your correct hanger spacings.

Finally, call our sales team and ask them your question.

Shackle Plates - Caravan - Trailer

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