Tandem Rocker Arms 45mm-60mm

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Tandem Rocker Arms 150mm to 245mm

Tandem Rocker Arm to suit most tandem suspension systems. 150mm – 200mm – 245mm suit 45mm springs to 60mm springs.

Question: How do I measure the correct size rocker arm?

Answer: First, measure the arm’s diameter and the centres of the two outside bolt holes.

Available Rocker Arm Centres

  • 150mm – 45mm Wide Springs – (Australian Made)
  • 155mm – 60mm Wide – 18mm Pin – (Australian Made)
  • 200mm – 60mm Wide Springs  – 18mm Pin – Standard Tandem – (Australian Made)
  • 245mm – 45mm Wide
  • 245mm – 60mm Wide – G & S Chassis incl bushes
  • Rocker Roller Arm – 18mm PIn
  • Rocker Roller Arm – Zinc – 19mm Pin

9/16 x 7/8 spring bushes and a 5/8 or 16mm bush for the centre pin.

Shackle plates are generally placed on the rear of each spring; however, this rocker requires shackle plates to be attached to the rear of the front spring and the rear of the back spring.

To accurately locate the front and back holders, follow these instructions.

  • Locate your centre hanger.
  • Measure the spring from the centre of the eye to the centre of the eye—for example, 710mm.
  • Measure from the rocker’s eye and add (spring length) 710mm, then add 25mm and clamp the hanger into position.
  • Repeat the process for front and rear hangers.

The loop part of the spring points towards the rear of the trailer.

The tandem rocker arm suits these springs

The wrong hanger location causes spring and roller problems. View the video here.

Here are some associated trailer parts

Tandem Rocker Arms 45mm-60mm


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