45mm Millard Shackle Leaf Spring – 835mm


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835mm Shackle Spring – 7 Leaf to suit Millard Caravans

835mm shackle eye-to-eye spring used on Millard single axle and Tandem axle caravans.

Millard used the same design spring in its caravans for over 70 years. Al-ko now stocks only a 7-leaf or 45mm wide spring.

Over time, 835mm shackle springs become fatigued and require replacement. Care when purchasing other generic, the leaf spring should be 8mm.

AL-KO makes Millard Caravan Eye-to-Eye Shackle Springs

  • 835mm
  • 800kg per spring
  • 45mm x 8mm
  • 9/16″ inch shackle bolt diameter x 3.5″
  • Free Camber 120mm
  • Eye to Centre 386mm
  • Tandem Hanger Centres 912mm
  • Single Axle Hanger Centres 870mm
  • Powder Coated Finish

TIP: Our most common call for help is the wrong spring picked for tandem axle trailers. Tandem trailers usually have offset springs.

Note: Al-ko manufactures a range of springs for pop-top Millard Caravans going back many years. However, all springs have been discontinued, with the exception of this genuine seven-leaf Alko shackle spring.

If you do not need all seven leaves, here is a tip. Remove the 3rd leaf from the bottom then re-insert the centre pin.

The Alko centre pin is mild steel, so do not overtighten it. The U-bolts will do most of the work clamping the spring together.

Couplemate carries good stocks of this hard-to-locate spring.

  • The rear end of the spring connects to a rear hanger.
  • The eye from the front of the spring attaches to a spring hanger.
  • Shackle plates are used in conjunction with shackle bolts to connect the spring to the dumbjack.

The spring moves on shackle bolts plates around a rear hanger.

Enable load sharing by linking the 45mm Shackle through a “rocker” assembly in a multi-axle configuration. Load transfers from one axle that is carrying a significant percentage of the weight (crossing kerbs, etc.) to the other axle.

Why are shackle leaf springs superior to slipper springs?

  1. Shackle springs are less noisy on the road
  2. Load sharing capability
  3. Wear and tear from direct contact with the chassis
  4. The tail of the slipper is not fixed and can pop out of its housing
  5. Slipper springs and in particular parabolic springs twist when reversing
  6. Eye-to-eye springs swing on shackle bolts thereby creating less wear than standard slipper springs.

Why do some springs break prematurely or lose spring tension?

The cause is vibration fatigue, read about it here.

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Find the answers, why do trailer and camper springs break?

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