60mm x 705mm Caravan Spring fits Jayco

60mm x 705mm Caravan Spring fits Jayco


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60mm x 705mm Caravan Spring fits Jayco Caravans

60mm caravan spring fits Jayco. It is common to use these replacements 705mm Shackle Springs on Jayco and other manufacturers' tandem setups.

TIP: Cut off burred u-bolts with an angle grinder. The best place to cut old u-bolts is on the bend then you only need one cut per u-bolt.

Important: Spring offset is 50mm from the centre of the spring.

  • 705mm Eye to Eye.
  • 16mm (ID) x 22mm (OD) x 60mm bush (long).
  • Free Camber 120mm
  • Eye to Center Bolt 386mm
  • 6mm Leaves
  • Nominal axle centres 912mm

It is often the case that springs have failed due to the additional equipment loaded into your caravan over the years. We suggest either put your trailer over a weighbridge to get your exact loading or at least upgrade from say a five-leaf spring to a six-leaf spring.

Purchase complete sides including rockers, hangers and shackle pins, here.

Installation Tips

  • Hanger Centres are 730mm for single axle installations.
  • Hanger centres are 825mm for tandem configurations (as seen below).

standard tandem hanger centers

Associated Parts

Upgrade Tips

  • Upgrade by one leaf if your springs have flattened
  • Maximum compression is 50mm
  • If in doubt, get a weighbridge certificate
  • Old spring may be flat and measure longer than usual

Springs break in only two places for specific causes, they are

  • Breaks near the eye are caused by shock loading when the spring is loaded close or over full capacity. Breakage occurs on the second top leaf just in front of the end of the third leaf
  • Uneven tensioning of fishplates cause breaks near the centre bolt. Rattle guns are a significant cause of the uneven tightening of u-bolts

Click here for more reading on caravan spring choices.

Spring upgrades are not uncommon on tandem setups. Spring upgrades tend to reinvigorate your caravans towing capacity to like a new standard.

60mm wide shackle is more adaptive and able to withstand shock loading and to twist better than 45mm springs.

Used in either tandem or single axle setups. Upgrading broken springs to the next load capacity is prevalent.

705mm x 60mm springs are available in the following configurations,

  • 6 Leaf - 750kg per spring or 3000kg per tandem kit
  • 7 Leaf - 850kg per spring or 3200kg per tandem kit.

Click here for an essential article on weighbridge certificates.

Springs are shipped from Queensland, Australia.

Why do some springs break prematurely or lose spring tension? Read about vibration fatigue here.

60mm Caravan Spring fits Jayco

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 93 × 15 × 10 cm
60mm Springs

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