45mm Tandem Slipper Hanger Kit Tandem Axle


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45mm Tandem Slipper Hanger Kit for 6mm Slipper Springs

45mm tandem slipper hanger Kit suited to tandem axle trailers up to 2400kg. Use only on 6mm springs with three leaf tails. (765mm eye to tail).

Use only on 6mm springs with three leaf tails. (765mm eye to tail)

Slipper Spring Hanger Installation

  • Install the rear hanger  towards the rear of a 50mm x 50mm angle section
  • Measure the rear tail and install the front and rear hanger so that 1/2 of the tail is in the centre of the hanger.
  • Clamp the steel angle to the chassis rail with 56mm u-bolts.
  • Move the centre hanger to approximately 150mm back of the centre. This position is approximate.
  • Measure coupling head weight; it must be no lighter than 5% of the ATM.

45mm Slipper Hanger Kit comprises

Important derating factor

Especially relevant, non-loading sharing tandem setups like slipper spring assembles must be de-rated by 20%.

De-rating allows for occasions when most of the trailer weight is on one axle. Excess loading on the axle occurs when one wheel is parked on the gutter.

For example, trailer slipper springs with a rating of 2400kg would be rated on the trailer registration as 1920kg or 20% rather than 2400kg.

Important to note that the hangers be installed 700mm from the centre of the eye to the centre of the rear hanger.

Hangers installed over 700mm centres will cause the rear leaf to jump out under shock loading conditions like deep potholes in the road.

The bolts supplied are 1/2 inch. Most 6mm springs have 1/2 inch ID bushes with 22mm OD.

Finally, hangers installed closer than 700mm centres will cause the spring to lock in the rear hanger and break.



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